It’s Sunday, and it’s kinda sunny but cold at the same time and you’re stuck at home wondering – what do I still need this Winter? Here’s what I think: you need things that are comfy and stylish and that you’re gonna wear ovah and ovah again. Outfit repeats are de rigueur during this season.

And then you go, “But Daniel where do I find these things?”

Well fellas the internet is a good place to start. And I say this cos you’re already lamenting about the weather all snuggled up in your onesie, so might as well stay there and get to work right? Right.

First of all – you need outerwear. Duh! And let’s steer away from the usual coat and leather jacket… How about a parka? Those things are comfy cubed and enable layering masterclasses. This ASOS one is my parka of choice, and this River Island one is a close second. New Look have a utility version sans fur and this one is called the ultimate parka? Oh biker parka right this way.

You’re a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl? Funk it up with a blazer. This khaki one is on point (on fleek?). CHECK this one out. See what I did there? Sorry my cold meds’s effect is still lingering. Or just say f*ck it and wear white this Winter cos you’re corny that way.

And what’s Winter without a good old jumper? Hold a croissant in hand and pretend you’re French with this one. Or pretend you’re an exotic yellow turtle. 2-for-1 special! Maltesers love a bargain.

Ladies always need bags. Well not need but want. This Proenza lookin’ babe is €15 a pop, and oh look it has a sister! And who doesn’t love a tassle man? This cross body bag is pretty ace.

Finally, boots man! And we ain’t talkin’ bout no boring boots. Throw on a white sole cos you’re a rebel. Why not try a tri-coloured peep toe pair? That sounds scarier than it looks promise. Or cheslea boots with a twist, or weave. Oh and last pair of these ones and they’re on sale!

So let me rephrase the blog title, what’s on your Winter SAVING* list?


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