…DANCE IT OUT! Life has given me my fair share of lemons recently and I have come to a conclusion that even though there might be a multitude of good ways to close a chapter…sometimes the only way is the bad way, guns blazin’. Sadly, when shit goes down and you’re in the ‘public eye’ of sorts you’re either a saint and praised for your good doings or you’re the villain and everything is blown out of proportion. The online world is extremist and it’s all make believe. People believe what they read or see but they rarely know 10% of the whole story. The only one who does is me. This ain’t no fall from grace. I wasn’t in the running for the good behaviour role model position in the first place. So y’all can judge, question, hate – doesn’t really matter! I’m a crazy mofo and I never pretended to be anything else and at the end of the day, only Daniel knows what Daniel needs. Guess it’s time to live life one fab day at a time. And most importantly: FOR ME.