I believe everything in this life has a shelf life, and that only the strongest and most special things can survive the ultimate test of time. I’m not entirely sure where blogging stands on this shelf. It is such a fast-evolving and unpredictable business that no one knows where it is headed, especially here in little old Malta.


Will the good fashion bloggers and the great amount of exposure they give start being taken seriously?

Will brands and agencies jump on the blogging bandwagon?

Will it happen fast enough?

And when it happens…which żaaaaarbun am I gonna wear?!


Thing is, I’m not the kind of person to wait and just let things ‘happen’. I’m more of a ‘You want something done, do it yourself’ kinda guy. Whether it’s work, love and why not…dreams. What you want, where you want to be and with whom you want to share it all will only remain dreams if you don’t act upon them.

And now I’m left here with so much energy and ambitions, a never-ending wish to do new things and do them better. The next logical step is using my blog as a platform to create opportunities and collaborations and more importantly, moving forward. Where do we go from here? Somewhere remarkable that’s for sure!


The answer lies on a small screen


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