Malta Fashion Week wrapped up a couple of days ago. So I’m back in Gozo, legs crossed in the air and enjoying a colourful cocktail while getting a pedi. Just kidding. This year I didn’t do the usual day-by-day reviews and outfit posts. To be completely honest I feel like things get lost when you run home and write about what you just saw (unless you’re a Suzy Menkes or Tim Blanks which I’m not) – there’s no time to see the clothes, feel, think and understand what they’re all about.

Speaking about things that get lost: the bigger picture. It’s easy to forget the little things that make Fashion Week what it is when you’re bombarded by the photos, Instagrams, tweets and reviews.

I had a couple of days to think about the things I learned from this year’s edition of Malta Fashion Week and well you know me… I just had to write them down. Blog it or it didn’t happen.

Locations do make a difference. For the first time ever, everythaaang was at Valletta this year. Not only did it make things easier for attendees, but it also made the shows and collections so much better. The Caroline Hili show was probably my fave – who would’ve thought the Renzo Piano Steps could ever be turned into a runway? The timelessness of the steps went hand-in-hand with the glamour and silhouettes of the clothes. Gagliardi at the history-filled National Library? Perfect match.

Double denim is not a good idea. I mean it is. But not in friggin’ May. Under the sun at noon. For the first show. Then of course I go wearing shorts in the evening. The logic of Daniel. It’s completely okay to laugh at me. I am laughing just thinking about it too.

Front row drama. You must’ve been living under a rock this year to not have noticed the increasing number of local fashion blogs. Up till now, giving all the bloggers front row access was doable whether they have a 1000 followers or 10. But I suspect it’s gonna become more difficult as time goes by. It went from 10 bloggers to 30 in a year so I suspect things will need a bit of a change. That’s motivation for everyone to think bigger and better.

No drinking and Instagram. Spelling mistakes and double OR triple uploads. That’s all.

Support local designers. Never has this resonated with me more than this year. We do have the talent! Whether it’s titans like Caroline Hili and Charles & Ron, or relative newcomers like Ritienne Żammit and Marco Parascandalo – it’s incredibly important to support these brands.

Divas not welcome. The fashion industry is already a highly competitive place to be. Competition is fine, and healthy! But there is no space for blatant bitching and negativity that brings the whole fashion crowd down. The truth is it reflects badly on everyone. So whether you’re an egomaniac photographer, stylist suffering from a mid-life crisis or just anyone with a mouth spewing hate – please keep it to yourself or find a way to contribute with your so-called expertise.

Stay true to yourself. Even if it means people making fun of you in your face or online. I wore a head-to-toe Ritienne Żammit look to one of the shows and the comments were just horrible. This is the one week we get to celebrate fashion and play characters, and yet, people shoot you down. But you know what? I felt great that night and had loads of fun in my coat and leather booty shorts. And that’s ALL THAT MATTERS.



  1. 6th June 2014 / 12:31 pm

    Ohboy I love you! I always enjoy reading your post, brings a smile on my face. Keep it up, your doing great 🙂 X

  2. Devil Wears Pra-duh
    6th June 2014 / 5:02 pm

    Thank you baby! Miss your face! X

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