It’s almost that time of the year when the usual “OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” is extended to a whole week. Clothes on the floor, forehead-knocking fists and crying in the bedroom corner. Malta Fashion Week is less than a month away and you may be wondering… “What the HELL am I going to wear?!” to not just one show, but a whole week of fashion Olympics around Valletta.

Sadly, you’re on your own…

Just kidding! I’m here guys.

A very common mistake a lot of people make (I did it in the past too) is buy clothes, shoes and accessories specifically for fashion week. Bold, eye-catching pieces make sense in theory but the truth is they’re not very useful when all is said and worn.

Are you going to wear that crazy thing ever again if you’re not a regular at fashion events throughout the year? Nope. That clutch that looks like it was meant to be a disco ball? Ha ha ha NO.

What do these weird reckless purchases say about you anyway? For starters it shows you don’t know your own personal style well enough to know better. And that you think that looking ‘different’ is the only way to attact attention or look good. Nothing looks worse than fashion overkill. I would know.

This year I’m doing things a bit differently. I mean why overthink it? The answers are right there in your closet people. It’s the week everyone celebrates their own personal style with everything they’ve learned and accumulated over the year. So emtpy your hangers onto your bed and get creative. Inappropriate and once-deemed ‘boring’ pieces might just look fresh again when paired with something new. Find your faves that have been by your side all year – they worked then, and they sure will now.

Yes you can wear boyfriend jeans to fashion week. Yes to shorts underneath coats. NO you don’t have to wear heels! You can! But geez there are other options too. Mules are a fun alternative.

You were thinking I was gonna lay out an advice plan of what to wear didn’t you? You’re not getting that advice out of this post but an even better one, the best one. Dress for yourself, not for the crowd. You do YOU. No one else can. See you at Malta Fashion Week! Over and out.


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