Okay it’s Monday, and you’re tired and hate life. You may or may not be recovering from your birthday weekend. Oh wait that’s just me. The weather sucks and you’re wonderin’… What the eff do I wear this week?

And I don’t blame ya for asking. It’s raining one minute and almost Spring-like the next, and then it’s cold, and I mean COLD. So what can endure all this Mother Nature nonsense and still look great?

A good old suede jacket.

Or make that suede anything.

It’s no secret the ‘70s are having a moment right now and this is the best way to ease your way into the trend if you’re still having doubts about the flared pants. Don’t worry you’re not alone.

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Gucci is probably the biggest example when it comes to all things suede mainly cos the ‘70s vibe is part of the house DNA. Or signature look, call it what you want. It also appeared at Saint Laurent, Prada and Loewe to name a few. Followed by everywhere else.

Oh you already touched base on the suede outerwear… Why not take it a step further? The suede skirt. This one screams Louis Vuitton and “BUY ME!!!”. Tuck a shirt in and throw on a leather jacket for now, and start reaching for the tees and blouses when it starts getting warmer. The suede mini is basically season-less.

So go on… Try it.