Hey there crazy culottes! Fashion week is slowly approaching. And since this is gonna be my 4th year attending Malta’s week-o-fashion I’d like to think I know a thing or two about what goes on, where it came from, how far it’s come, and why the heck not… What can be improved?

It’s no secret street style commands attention during the big international fashion weeks, sometimes even more than the actual shows. So it’s only natural that Maltese photographers start turning their cameras toward the attendees and what they’re wearing. I know you need to save your spot at the end of the runway. But there’s an even fresher and more honest runway… Don’t tell anyone but it’s outside.

And what do you need for that to work out? Natural light. How do we make that happen? More daytime shows. While that means Prosecco intake would be lower (boo), it also means the public might get to enjoy the show too like at the Ritienne Żammit show last edition. That’s how you get more people interested in the local fashion scene.

Valletta! Keep everything in place at Valletta – makes for more interesting venues and less confusion to go around. Remember that Fersani show in the middle of nowhere? Ha ha ha no thanks. Less of that and more Charles & Ron at Fort Saint Elmo moments. Bring the fashion to the city, go public and keep it that way.

I’ll go ahead and say what everyone thinks but is too scared to say… Way too many bloggers at the front. I saw this phenomenon going from a handful of bloggers to 12 to 30+ bloggers last year. I’ll never forget when I saw ‘bloggers’ seated in front of Winter Moods giant Ivan – equal parts funny and wrong. The front row needs to stand for something and there needs to be some merit to it all – whether you’re a personality, director, stylist, blogger and everything else. If we’re putting kids with a hundred followers in front, we might as well put nanna Rita we picked up on the street you know? We all know she will gossip to a lot more than a hundred ladies…

More social media interaction. Pull out your iPhones. Take that picture. Use the Ludwig filter. Or not? Post it on Instagram. Use the MFW hashtag. Interact with people’s posts. But don’t forget to sit back and look at the clothes too.

And finally… See more people not playing it safe and just have fun with fashion. Fashion week isn’t the place to attract the boys – it’s the place you wear your feathers, sequins and whatever else makes your hips feel excited and giggle with happiness.

See ya at the Fashion Olympics! In the meantime… Let’s cleanse and talk about it.


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