I’m starting to wonder how necessary it is to share what I wear on my blog since my Instagram and Facebook page are now functioning as my go-to outfit documentation method. It’s instant and you don’t get to read too much crap. You let me know if you want more of me on here. But by no demand at all – here’s what I wore to Sarto Garden Runway.

Before someone asks… YES it’s 50 shades of blue and NO this outfit is not a political statement. The dress code was colourful and my black ‘n’ white shenaningans weren’t a happy bunny.

Onto the good stuff. The shirt is Topman and the basic-est a basic shirt can get. This one and THIS look amazing ladies! The jeans, vintage Levi’s. I went a little bit DIY ripping happy on their high-waisted ass and now they’re my absolute faves. Jacket plus neckerchief equals €8. Vintage obvs. Oh and do you know what’s better than one neckerchief? TWO! The mirrored babes are from Asos and the colourful hat is from Catarzi, also available on Asos. Infinity ring is from Mvintage. The shoes I was wearing are Prada but you can’t see them so YOLO?

Images via Yentl Spiteri