The super lovely Isabelle and Marise invited me over to Grey & Adler to see Verve’s new Spring/Summer 2013 collection yesterday. The first thing that hit me as soon as I walked in was the superb decor, aroma and ambience at Grey & Adler – so many quirky cushions I want! I jokingly told Marise I want one of the cushion prints as a pant. I wasn’t joking. Ha! As for the Verve goodies…what I love the most about the new stock is that it’s not trend-based but more so driven by statement timeless pieces that women can keep in their wardrobes and wear a hundred different ways. Monochrome, embroidery, neons, pastels, silks – there’s really something for everyone. Supernova winner Claire Ciantar was also there modelling some standout pieces from the collection and let’s just say she looked ma-jor in everything! That girl has legs for days, a real sky high fashion gazelle. Check back later for my favourite pieces from the collection!














Grey & Adler is behind the Naxxar parish church and Verve is at 21st September Avenue, Naxxar