I absolutely loathed velvet when I was growing up. Cutting to the chase are we? Going through old family photos usually meant counting velvet pieces and cringing till my facial muscles hurt. It was that texture that was innately tacky-looking and very hard to wear without looking like a complete clown. And we all know how much the Maltese society loves a fashion risk-taker don’t we?

Heck, even a pair of gloves are considered a fashion abomination! Do it right – no one cares. Do it wrong – everybody has something to say about it. That’s just how it goes. Personally, I think the much-talked-about gloves are the scapegoat in the situation and people just want to go after the person behind them to get back at her infamous opinionated show. Anyway! That’s all about that, now back to the subject at hand. I never thought I’d get over my hate towards velvet until recently, thanks to Milan Fashion Week’s menswear showings.

Burberry Prorsum, Dolce & Gabbana (which I usually hate might I add…) and Gucci went all-out with the velvet rush. But it was Burberry’s Christopher Bailey who opted for blocking his velvet that pushed me over the Velvet Hatefest edge. Menswear really is gravitating towards statement pieces as of late, whether it’s shoes or the wacky prints and outerwear. So why not invest in a good velvet piece? Myself, I’m leaning towards a blazer (perhaps black or a nice shade of blue?) and a bow tie. Scroll down and watch as velvet wins you over too with my choice of velvet standouts.

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