Fashion has a habit of doing a total U-turn whenever there is an excess of something. Normal dressing or normcore came after years of over the top trend-centric runways. Another excess comes in the form of revealing clothes, and while I have my own opinions on what makes a woman beautiful… ‘Sexy’ and all the bareness it entails isn’t going anywhere. But like I said, backflips! Covering up is making a comeback. One word: turtlenecks.

Okay okay… Calm down. I know you’re having flashbacks of your pre-school teacher in her ugly turtleneck. But hear me out. I was having dinner at a local place earlier this month when these four ladies walked in. Three of them had what I think are the lowest deep V-necks I have seen in my life and the other one had her family fruit hanging out.

Now I’m no one to judge but I thought to myself, “Is this what makes women sexy?”

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A few minutes later a mother walked in with her child. Tall, probably six feet, turtleneck like a pillar and jacket in hand – confidence through the roof. This woman was completely covered and she oozed chic and dare I say… Sexy too! I quickly re-confirmed there’s more to a woman’s beauty than tight dresses and the naked body. I wish more women realized that they don’t need to show skin to be considered more attractive and that they need to be dressing for themselves and not for other people. More on that topic another time.

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian seem to agree too. Both ladies are known for their risqué sense of style yet they have been rocking out the turtlenecks lately. And I think it’s really fresh! There is nothing quite like covering ya throats and not giving a care in the world for necklaces and other fashion ding-a-lings on your neck.

Pair your cableknit turtleneck with a skirt in a similar tone and ta-dah! You’re French. Extra points if it’s oversized. Or your cropped turtleneck under a blazer for that effortless je ne sais quoi. There’s something for you boys too right over here.

What about you? How do you feel about this whole revealing vs covering up thing? I saw a really hot turtleneck at Karen Millen in Valletta last week! I say we give it a go.


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