It’s that time of the year again guys… Malta Fashion Week is in less than 2 weeks!

And the usual thought going through our heads is back too – what the eff do I wear? Luckily for you we compiled a list of the hottest trends for May to make your life a little bit easier and your Visas a whole lot sadder.

1. Dungarees. Long or short, denim or white… Dress up your dungarees by layering them over something glitzy underneath, throw on some heels and a fancy clutch and your look is good to go.

2. Leather jacket. Sometimes all an outfit needs is some leather right? My advice is just throwing a leather jacket over your shoulders for that relaxed yet dressy look. What goes underneath? Everything looks good with a leather jacket.

3. Fringe. It’s no secret the ‘70s are one of Spring’s hottest trends, and ‘70s and fringe go hand-in-hand. Pair your fringed top or jacket with some denim, or go for a statement fringed bag.

4. Romantic whites. Probably the more expected trend for the warmer months, but this time around make it romantic! Try white lace, or a delicate white dress for that effortless ethereal vibe.

5. Bold red. And if white doesn’t cut it, go all the way with red. Nothing is as bold as a red dress this season! It’s all about finding the red that works for you.

See ya in 2 weeks! Say hi! Let’s take a selfie!

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