Like I said in a previous post, I think blogging the outfit you wore to ‘X’ event is becoming less and less relevant thanks to the thing that is Instagram. But ya ask and ya shall receive, right? Scrambled below are some photos of me at Malta Fashion Week that I collected from around the web for your viewing pleasure. Some are good, some are bad but mostly they’re just I don’t know… ME? Cos this is, after all, a personal style blog too. Enjoy?


The only show in the morning and what do I wear? Double denim, mhux ovvja. Let’s just say it was the portal to Satan’s lair and we’ll leave it at that. The jacket is vintage but this one comes pretty darn close. Tee is by American Apparel. Denim on the lower half is Asos. The aviators Saint Laurent, necklace Mvintage and the hat is from Zara. Envelope clutch is Charles & Ron. And the kicks are Nikes. Ba-ba-boom.

What I wore to Charles & Ron was my version of the iconic Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 collection. Smart with a side of… slut? Boqq. Anyway! The jacket is Zara and the shirt is River Island. The clutch is Charles & Ron obvs. And the shorts are Zara but you knew that already.

This is from the Caroline Hili show aka the day I thought it might be funny to pretend I’m a cowboy. The shirt is Uniqlo. The lace-up leather pants are my mum’s work. Yes my mum rules in case you’re wonderin’. The hat is a Zara repeat offender and the boots are Balenciaga.

The Gagliardi show. Or the day Oliver Twist came around with a surprise appearance. The jacket is vintage and the shirt is Prada. The hat is custom-made and equal parts night porter and Parisian. The neckerchief is a thrifted find. The jeans Cheap Monday. And the shoes are Adidas Stan Smiths.

And finally. Sometimes I like leaving personal style at home and letting fashion take the wheel for a bit. Case in point: the New Designers show. The coat and top are by Ritienne Żammit. The leather bottoms are Zara and the velvet shoes are Asos. HABEMUS PRADA!!! Needless to say, some people didn’t get it. But neither did I so YOLO? Just have fun once in a while and laugh at yourself!

Morale of the story. Shit, I really like denim, leather and neckerchiefs.

So are you asleep yet? Which one is your favourite?


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