Until a week ago, I hadn’t worn a scarf in any shape or form in about… 5 years? Probably more. I think only my close friends and those that follow what I wear very closely (Creeps…) know I never EVER have anything around my neck. Fast forward to a week later and the number of scarves worn is: every single day 7/7. Who’s to blame for this sudden spike in scarfness you may ask? Is it a stewardess? A cowboy? Speedy Gonzalez maybe? Nope it’s only Zayn flippin’ Malik at the 2014 Brit Awards! The bad boy sported a neckerchief with a suit to the said event.

‘How refreshing!’ I thought. Something so banal at such a formal awards show. Moreover, on a guy! ‘Much better than the bow string thing (???) he had on last year at the same event…’ my friend said. True. The neckerchief talk stopped right there and the evening continued dishing out memorable moments: Beyoncé giving people epilepsy attacks, Harry Styles’ ‘wee’ trips and douchebaggery in the fom of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

I woke up the next day thinking about one thing and one thing only: nutella crepes. Just kidding (Or maybe not?). But yeah you guessed it… Neckerchiefs. That which the men at Pitti Uomo do so disgustingly er… effortlessly well.

Thankfully I was in Gozo, land where all my teenage gear lies boxed away never to see the light of day again. And for good reason too. I pulled out the ‘Emo Box’ (Don’t ask) and there it was. The black paisley scarf. And cos I always come up with the craziest ideas before having my first cup of tea in the morning comes the nature of this blog post right here. I decided to take on a neckerchief test for a whole week and document what laughs, surprises and lessons each and every day brought along. Without further ado…

Day 1. I had a meeting in Malta and I had to leave early. I woke up late. No surprise there. I put on my safe go-to plaid plus denim and rushed out. ‘Shit! I’m on the neckerchief challange!’ Baaack inside to get the scarf, wrapped, tied it in a quick knot and ran back out. I looked like Peter Pan and Tupac’s love child. It was awesome. Off to a good start? I think so.

Day 2. Back in Gozo and destination for lunch is Xlendi. I had an hour to spare so I felt like being a bit touristy. I ended up being treated touristy. ‘Heck I dress the part so why not act it too?’ I thought to myself. Someone even added the neckerchief made me look Spanish. Oh gee I thought it was just my skin tone (and lisp). I reaped some touristy benefits at the souvenir shop – the lady showed me several ways to tie silk scarves. Score.

Day 3. Or the day no one blinked an eye at what I was wearing and/or accessorizing around my neck! Maybe fashion open-mindedness in Malta is on a rise…?

Day 4. Scratch day 3. The day the bus driver thought my neckerchief was just the way kids cover their hickeys in 2014. What hickey? Nailed it driver, really.

Day 5. I met my friend for lunch and it took her 0.4 seconds to make the connection between Zayn and my neckerchief endeavor. Scary moment when you realize your friends know you all too well. ‘I’m doing this week thing for my blog…’ I explained. ‘So put this on the blog: You are channeling a major Parisian. But born in East London. But plot twist… he’s actually Gozitan.’ Okay. I’ll take that as a compliment?

Day 6. This is where it dawned on me. I might have found my answer to necklaces. And my alternative is made out of fabric and doesn’t resemble a possible murder weapon.

Day 7. Waiting in line at McDonald’s (Don’t judge me guys I was starving), a mother standing next to me put her child on top of the counter and no Happy Meal was taking her eyes off of the paisley party around my neck. She smiled and my faith in all that is fashion was restored.

So what did I learn after a week of tying stuff? From a fashion standpoint, neckerchiefs add a bit of fun and give an extra edge to the most mundane and ordinary of outfits. I guess I kinda knew that already but what really hit home this week: Maybe fashion isn’t about looking good but feeling good. Like most other battles, you can’t win them all and please everyone – but if in the long run of it all I made someone smile or think… I guess it was all worth it? That sounds about right. Next challenge: Socks and sandals for a week? Just kidding guys! Wearing Zara leather gilet, Zara hat and COS top.



  1. Matthias-Leonhard Lang
    24th April 2015 / 10:56 am

    You did well !!!!! And carry on. There are so many ways to tune your style via a neckerchief/cravat/ascot tie/scarf. I thing that an open shirt collar is as interesting as a G’n’T without any bubbles…. you can go with it but without sparkle…. and YOU deserve better than that. The lack of interest of a naked men’s neck doesn’t come out of any pru deness or shyness but its very rarely attractive, it’s just dull. As with ties some reddish tone gives the waerer a little charisma he will be remembered for….. As we know the challenge of ‘EFFORTLESS ELEGANCE’ as Lauren Bacall would have put it is “not trying too hard’. Cheers from Lake Geneva, Mat.

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