So… you’ve had to be sleeping under a rock this fashion month to not have noticed that 18-year old Kendall Jenner has been making the rounds with the big fashion names. Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and the most recent and perhaps biggest deal – Chanel. She also sat next to Anna Wintour on the front row during London Fashion Week and got a feature on the Vogue website. Many have questioned if Kendall is deserving of her fashion fame or if it’s all just a temporary publicity stunt. So let’s break it down and see where we stand on the K Factor after the jump…

I’ve been discussing this whole Kardashian thing with my friends the past couple of days and the eye rolls usually came with: ‘Oh come on Dan! The Kardashians bust out careers qishom pastizzi! This is no different. She’s average and it’s all for publicity.’ Now I do agree with the careers part. They do tend to be the jacks-of-all-trades and buy-this-bodycon-dress-and-perfume kinda family. There’s no denying that. The evidence is overwhelming and quite frankly very irritating too. Especially when you factor in Kim’s annoying nasal voice.

But Kendall? The girl is a strong 5’10 and as model skinny as the rest of them. Many have compared her rise to fame to Cara Delevingne’s and I kinda see the parallel lines. Both are very likeable girls with a huge following (Kendall just hit 9 million on Instagram) and under the wings of Karl Lagerfeld. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci also featured her in his show and the man is known to have launched careers of models like Joan Smalls and Lara Stone. But what many don’t know is that just like Kendall, Cara also comes from a very well-connected society family in the UK. See where I’m going with this?






I don’t think it’s fair that her family’s reputation makes everyone question her own potential in the business. Yeah maybe she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Keeping Up With The Kardashians but who knows? It’s like clipping Christine Haber’s wings cos of Eileen Montesin’s downfall. Maybe Christine can sing! And do it without her mother’s help! Okay maybe that was a horrible example. Or maybe it’s exactly the same. Living in someone else’s shadow when you have dreams and aspirations of your own must not be fun. Back to Kendall.

Whether she’ll keep the fashion crowd and world’s eyes on her long enough is unknown. Truth is everything is pure speculation while Kendall rides high on the power that is the Internet. But… Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel… we might be talking the talk but Kendall Jenner is walking the walk. As for me, I’m a fan of anyone who does his own thing against all odds. That is… unless she turns her modelling job into more reality fodder for her mother’s KUWTK. Then all my support goes down the drain. But where do you stand? Do you like Kendall’s new venture on her own or are you absolutely Anti-Kardashian?


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