So I was walking around Nadur the other day YOLO-ing my way through Summer with a juice in hand and more or less zero inspiration when this woman stopped me for a quick chat. “You make me laugh so much! I check out your posts every day! Never stop,” she said. This woman that I’ve had never met thought I was funny and more notably, she was smiling. That in turn made me smile and somehow set the tone of my entire day which got me thinking. Just how important is humour?

When I’m thinking about humour I’m always taken back to an episode in Valletta a couple of years back. Long story short, I looked wacky. What’s new right? And a few gents and ladies pointed and stared and the usual tra-la-la-la-la the Maltese seem to excel at. Yet, whenever children saw me on the same day, they smiled and giggled. Maybe kids in all their innocence get it, and somewhere down the line adults grew up a little bit too much and forgot all about not taking things so seriously and just having fun.

In general, but mostly with fashion.

When I saw the Parascandalo collection backstage before the New Designers Show, it was pretty damn hard not to bust out a fully-fledged smile. White slogan tees were adorned with humourous Maltese words among the rack of urban and streetwear. And that’s just the kind of stuff I’m attracted to – the disconnect and pieces that scream ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’.

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At the end of the day what are we talking (and stressing) about here? Just clothes. And if you can’t have fun with it… What’s the point of it all? My blog bio has these same unswayable words set in stone for a reason. What I’m trying to say is fashion’s not really about making you look good – it’s about making you feel good. So wear what you want and smile. Those things turn a day around I tell ya…

Pictued in the *new* slideshow feature above: Parascandalo ‘Faqa Sew’ tee (order here), Uniqlo plaid shirt, Levi’s jeans, Catarzi hat via Asos, Adidas Stan Smiths and Mvintage letter necklace


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