Remember when all we talked about was Kim Kardashian’s infamous Vogue cover? Good times right. Well things just went one step further… Fashion bloggers are the latest breed to take on the front page.

For anyone living under a rock… Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion blogger, shoe designer and all-around darling clocking in 3.3 million Instagram followers. 3.4 since she announced the news yesterday so yeah. And now… She’s also the first fashion blogger to grace the cover of fashion’s most enviable piece of printed real estate: Vogue, Spain!

But what does this all mean?

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For starters it is a true testament of the times we live in. What do Kim Kardashian and Chiara Ferragni have in common other than the fact they are both female and style icons? They are both self-made forces of the world wide web. Think about that for a second.

Anna Wintour once said that to be in Vogue has to mean ‘something’.

I guess that something is that social media plays a very important role in fashion, and that bloggers are here to stay.

So no pressure Sunday Circle… I’ll be waiting for the call.