Someone once told me the best way to build a nifty wardrobe is to spend money and invest on some good shoes, bags and other accessories. Back then naive me used to think, “But that doesn’t make any sense! Clothes are more important…” Now I see things a whole lot differently. Truth is the accessories make most of the talkin’ in outfits and all the rest can be easily improvised. Be it tops, pants or dresses. And speaking of dresses… What is the one time a year locals seem to go crazy for over-the-top dresses? That’s right, the Maltese festa.

Maltese girls and women seem to have some weird obsession that each festa requires a new dress. So here I am starting a strike with banners and all screaming, “NOOO!!!” Just kidding I’m writing in bed but still… NOOO!!! There is really no need for a dress-per-festa, even if people will be the first to notice your dress isn’t new or that you wore it already. But do you think people go to bed thinking about your dress? No they don’t. What do they sleep thinking about? YO CLUTCH BAG.

Okay no not really, but hear me out.

Accessories are where it’s at so I’m gonna propose something different before the marathon of Summer festas starts. The title say it all: try the statement clutch. Embrace flower power like you’re going to Piscopo Gardens. You’re not in Spain? Who cares! Bring Spain to Malta. Olé! Or if you’re a plain kinda gal, try this pastel box of love.

Show me yours and feast your eyes on the styles I picked down below. See what I did there? In the meantime I’ll be looking for one that looks like a prinjolata. See you at Mnarja! *dance emojis*


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