Cut out boots
Click-clack, that’s right! Boots season is back in full swing! And you may be thinking “I’m using last year’s boots Dan…” and that’s totally fine. Or is it? Yeah they may still get the job done. Yeah the leather might make it through another Winter. But when has that ever really stopped us from lusting, shopping and moving onto the next thing? Your guess is as good as mine. And my guess is NEVER.

The boot of the season is without a doubt the sliced-open cousin, the show off and the one most likely to get the party started: the cut out boot. Cos nothing says partey like showing some skin the one place you should be covered this Winter. One of the most common questions I get lately is where to find an affordable alternative with enough sassy points to make them stand out. Luckily for you, I paid ASOS a visit and found you guys some cut out babes under €100, most are under €80! My favourite River Island ones (with added gold hardware!) are a proper steal at €61.65. They’re also the closest to the Balenciaga deal. These ones are a big contender but at the slightly heftier price of €82.19. They look so comfy though. And these ones have a chunkier heel than Chuck E. Cheese. You can find more styles in the scroller below. Now cut it out…


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