Fun fact about me: I have hated anything that looks like a sandal and/or Birkenstocks all my life. The reason for this can be one of 2 things: growing up in Gozo and GROWING UP IN GOZO. Birkenstocks were literally everywhere I looked: at the village festa, the village pjazza along the feet of the gossiping grannies on the bench, at Maxokk Bakery, at the beach, the hairdresser and at school thanks to my year 5 teacher. The latter added socks to the equation with pride. She wasn’t my favourite teacher in case you’re wondering. Fast forward to 2014 and it’s the hottest (and most controversial) shoe trend of the hot season.

Did I see it coming? Of course. Céline and Marni had something to do with it. Did I like it? I’m not so sure about that part, yet. The thought of abandoning my quirky colourful shoes and boots that look like Robocop for comfortable sliders isn’t something I’m warming up to very easily. I’m all for incorporating trends into your own personal style, but this seems a bit much and way off my comfort zone. ‘German tourist’ isn’t exactly a look I emulate a lot. But the thing is – I can’t stop thinking about them and I have no idea why. These ones are the culprits:

So the question is directed towards you. Should I get them? Should YOU? Are we both mental for even considering this fugly fashion revival? Let me know yo.

  • Desiree’ Attard

    Dan….no! 🙂

  • Devil Wears Pra-duh

    I’m getting that a lot. I WONDER WHY? Ha!

  • Therese Finger

    Come on Dan, you know you’d go barefoot any day rather than succumb to the german tourist trend

  • Devil Wears Pra-duh

    By the end of Summer… You’re gonna be on Team Birks too! muahahahahaha

  • Ingrid Cauchi

    I do own a pair of colourful comfortable birkenstocks to use at home and got the most colourful pair just in case someone sees me in them… well if they are in fashion, I will now wander outside in them… plus they are quite comfy 😉

  • Isabellachan

    Me a birkenstocks lover! I have yellow platform birks since last year, like this in their facebook post, it’s very comfy.