It’s May people! Well almost. And ya know what that means… Time to get back in shape at the gym guys! Or go the Daniel route – Youtube fitness videos while listening to rap music. Works too I think (I hope). And what goes best with your work-in-progress Summer body? Shopping for sunglasses duh. And sunblock. Here’s my lil guide to super fashion shades for Summer – all under €20! Yes you read that right. Stylish AND affordable. What a concept.

Clubmasters. This frame’s recent surge to popularity might have something to do with the number seen during fashion month. Namely the Saint Laurent one. Everyone and their magazine editor is wearing ‘em. With sneakers. With heels. Versatility on the go-go. Extra points if they’re mirrored.

Speaking of mirrored… Mirrored sunglasses are probably my frames of choice this season. How stereotypical right? A fashion blogger wearing coloured sunglasses. Groundbreaking. Blame Coachella and Kendall Jenner. Joking aside… Go bold with orange or blue, green maybe? Buy ‘em. WEAR ‘EM. You too boys.

And when in doubt, go black. Nothing is safer or more effortless. Select your fave shape, take care of them and they will last you a lifetime. Black never disappoints. Clickity click on some timeless black shades below. Again, errythaaaang is under €20. No jokes.

What about you? What are your faves? Let’s talk about some eye candy.


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