And it’s only day 1?


Granted this would’ve been a much better post further down the week o’ fashion but after the things I heard at the show at The Point last night… Well I couldn’t help myself.

A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do right?

Everything is translated to English unless it only makes sense in Maltese if ya know what I mean. And it’s anonymous for uhm obvious reasons.

1) “We’ve been standing here for half an hour,” to which the friend replies “This is what suffering for fashion must mean.”

2) “Fetħu! Iġru!!!” followed by a BBQ LIDL-like stampede.

3) “Move 2 seats to the left… There’s a goodie bag under the seat!”

4) “Sabiħa dik il-libsa li liebsa l-mudella… Tgħid għandhom fil-ħanut?”

5) “Oh you have a blog.”

6) “Kemm hi ħelwa Winstanley imma.”

7) “Prosecco always reminds me of Malta Fashion Week.”

8) “Jien biddilt fil-karozza”

9) “The food is enough of a reason to come to these shows.”

10) “Who cares what Terranova have to offer?”

Aaaand I’m off to get ready for the day 2 shows. See ya later! What you wearin’?