Nothing says Spring cleaning like a little unplanned last-minute trip to Milan, Spring being the key word. Upon arriving in the searing land of fearless Italian fashion I soon realized I had mispacked greatly: suits, blazers and the trench were a bad idea. The heat was unbearable but the timing to go and pick up my Spring/Summer 2012 goodies from Prada was perfect.

So I made my way to my favourite store – the one at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The staff there are as courtateous as courtateous gets and they ooze friendliness through their all-black chic outfits. Oh and they love my blog…THIS blog! Queue special shoutout to Massimiliano and Giancarla. You two are the bestest, thanks so much for your support! Below are the gems (literally) I walked out with. Check back in the next few days for more fashion stories about Milan. Needless to say, this Spring I’m a kitschy rhinestoned golfer-kinda guy. More to come!


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