I need to come clean. I am obsessed with statement shoes for men. My little unhealthy mania is best called ‘Prada shoes’. It’s a good thing and perfect timing that the statement shoes trend slipped from womenswear into menswear this year. Somehow it makes me feel less superficial and less guilty for spending so much on footwear. And when asked I’ll answer “I have worked real hard for these beauties,” and hope for the best.

I’m obviously talking about the ubiquitous Spring/Summer 2011 Prada shoes. Brogues with a super-thick platform combining or rather sandwiching espadrille and coloured rubber sole. Queue weird looks and “How do you walk in those?” and “Aren’t those women’s shoes?” and my favourite “Why do they have leather, espadrille and rubber?” with a dead incredulous face. Well, walking or towering, is quite the funsies! It’s the flat shoe for those that like an adventure (or ten if you’re wearing them in the rain). They also come with an even higher platform for the club kids if that’s what you’re into. And they’re unisex. A cult shoe for both men AND women? What a concept! Leather in black, brown and tri-coloured with every colour combination under the rainbow. I got mine in black with a white and blue rubber sole. But I’m eyeing a tri-coloured one as I write because one cannot have enough Prada. I’d call them ‘The Perfect Versatile No-Brainer Shoe’ but Miuccia doesn’t believe in naming her creations so I’ll just call them ‘Prada’.

P.S. – Yes shoe shots and street style will be coming soon. It’s gonna be totes worth the wait


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