… What do you do? Let me tell you. For starters you wear red.

Oh and if you’re a dude, Rebelli has a great AT.P.CO. jacket that I snapped up cos my wardrobe doesn’t have anything that looks like a tomato.

But not before you wear layers, and loads of them. Start with a striped tee, a denim shirt over it and… Still not enough denim. Put a denim vest on top and coccoon all that shit with red. Feeling warm? Good! You’re gonna need it cos you’re alone on Valentine’s Day.

Next put your favourite pair of shoes on and book a table at your favourite restaurant (one of those without V-Day set menus, or just scream YOLO and go for it anyway).


Yes you heard me. You’re having dinner by yourself.

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Arrive at said restaurant and order wine, a starter, main course and dessert too. Cos… Yup you guessed it… You’re lonely. As the meal progresses start thinking about all the love you experience each and every day until you come to the realization that…

You have a companion in yourself and his/her sense of humour is pretty darn good cos you’re having dinner alone on Valentine’s Day… WEARING RED. And guess what? This companion is never gonna leave you and always has your best interest at heart. Not so lonely anymore uh?

So happy Day-o-love! And that happens daily people. Raise a glass to yourself.

If you have a date… That’s cool too!

Wearing an AT.P.CO. jacket (available at Rebelli, St. Julian’s), Levi’s denim vest, Topman shirt, River Island tee (similar here), Prada creepers and Chanel backpack