“It’s getting cold guys!” and you know what that means: COATS. Coats used to be a one-per-year kinda thing (before I grew up to be a fashion-obsessed adult) and that would be fine. Sometimes I even went back to last year’s coat cos it still would get the cold-shielding job done. That Daniel is gone, long gone. For the past 3 Fall seasons I’ve been accumulating coats more than anything else and this year I’m at an all-time coat high. The fact that a multitude of brands now dish out coats in every colour, texture and print you could think of really doesn’t help. With that said, you might be thinking “Exactly Daniel! How am I, a mere mortal sitting behind a computer screen supposed to choose a coat from a sea of styles?!” Well guys that’s where I come in with a new bloggy segment called ‘Shopping Saturdays’. My guide to online shopping, bringing you what’s hot and what’s not, bargain spotting and making your shopping life that much easier. First up: looking for this year’s coat? Look no further.

Coat is synonymous with layers, and layers means more concealed garments underneath. So since no one cares what you’re wearing beneath that sexy outerwear, the coat is where the statement is at this season. This coat is your car, it takes you everywhere, it’s secure and an investment. And if it’s not cutting it – where the hell did you get it from?! And you don’t even have to sell an organ to find a luxurious coat. That’s why I made my way to ASOS to find you guys a good variety of affordable fashionable coats for your ’13 wardrobe. Thank me later.


image1xxl (1)-horz

Leather is probably my favourite trend for this season (or ever?) and I found these two babies with an subtle accent that is both trend worthy and will glide right through future seasons. Plus camel and black are colours that will never ever be passé. Both on sale! Casual Leather Look Sleeve Mac is down to €60.65 and Patent Zip Detail Coat is down to €84.91


image1xxl (3)-horz

Continuing on the subject of layers…there’s layers…then there’s cocoons. Oversized cape-like styles are a must-have this season as seen at Dior and Céline. You can even pull some hand tricks with the blue one! Now you see me now you don’t? Fashion if anything, needs to be fun. Biker Cape Coat is down to €75.48 and Oversized Cocoon Coat is €121.30



Then came the girl who rummaged through her boyfriend’s wardrobe and ta-dah! Boyfriend coats! Classic coat and extreme comfort – a no brainer huh? Staple colour or throw in a check for some extra fun. These two gems are from Mango and New Look, both available at ASOS. Mango Oversized Boyfriend Checked Coat is €96.37 and New Look Textured Boyfriend Coat is €53.90. The latter is a steal and will probably last you…forever?


image1xxl (9)-horz

And speaking of checks…plaid and it’s sister tartan are THE PRINTS of the season. Pair with leather, denim, anything really for an instant punk pick me up. Think about Hedi Slimane’s rebellious rock at Saint Laurent when wearing plaid and you’ll come out on top. Longline Coat In Brushed Check is €114.56 and Brushed Check Ovoid Coat is €85.59


So how was the first Shopping Saturday? Do we like it or do we LOVE IT? What do you want to see next: beanies, sweaters, boots? You name it and I shall provide it. Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook. Until next time! It’s Saturday, get shopping.



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