Asos started their January final clearance sale a couple of days ago, and damn it there are so many things I want. But I sat down and hesitation hit me… Suddenly I wasn’t so sure anymore. Know why? Cos sales phuck with your brain man.

Like I said in a previous post about sales – it’s very important to know what you went in for and keep your eyes on the prize. Self-control is everything, especially when you’re barraged by a crazy amount of inventory that’s not as expensive as it was before.

So you wanted a staple biker jacket with some sort of detail, a funky pair of chelsea boots, or even floral culottes? Don’t worry I’m not one to judge. But you ended up looking at multi-coloured fur stoles (Okay now I’m judging) and coats that are impractical and will only take space in your wardrobe. And we don’t want that now do we?

Let me break it down.

Hit: Cobalt blue duster coat. Damn this colour is so flattering and it’s down to €85. JK! It’s €50. I got ya and you got the coat.

Miss: White boots. Let’s be real… Where are you gonna make these work? Unless by work you mean WERK and it’s at a Gżira corner. Then yes please go right ahead.

Hit: Tassle cross body bag. You can also tell Saint Laurent to suck it. You’re mimicking their signature bag for 1/2500th of the price and it feels so darn good.

Miss: Yellow pants. I’m gonna go ahead and say it cos someone has to be honest. You let the markdown fool you. You know it. I know it. Even the pants sharing the drawer with this banana flavoured thing know it.

So there ya have it. Shop wisely!

… or chop that Visa in half and don’t shop at all.


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