So, here I am compiling my answered FAQs following the barrage of weird questions I get in person, on my email and in my inbox. This is mostly to halt the repeated ones and for the unashamedly LOLS value. This list + future ones will probably end up being a category somewhere on top so be sure to check them out before you send an email with your questions. Note that no question that’s borderline too personal was included. And the rules will stay that way.


In no particular order…


How old are you?
Last time I checked I was twenty-something…

Where are you from?
Oh the one with my favourite reaction. I’m from Nadur, GOZO!

So you speak Gozitan?
And you speak Stoopid?

Your blog got pretty popular quite quickly, so do you have any advice for someone who’s just started blogging?
Do your thing no matter what everybody else is doing. And challenge yourself. A lot.

Who is your favourite singer?
The Queen. Ma-don-nuh!

How much time to do you spend online each day?
Much much more than I’d like to admit.

Do you get weird looks when you’re out if you’re wearing something along the lines of ‘DWP Street: Decadence’?
Definitely. But I’m used to it. Funnily enough, kids smile a lot and show more open-mindedness than the adults that accompany them. Big sunglasses help too by tinting everything in sight.

Where would you want to live if you left Malta?
My top pick is definitely Milan. London comes in at number 2.

What are the wardrobe must-haves for boys?
Good quality blazers, never-can-have-enough white shirts, statement shoes and well-cut coats.

What’s your favourite brand?
I give an item the merit it deserves regardless of the brand. But if it had to come down to a ‘brand’ I’d have to say…well you know…

What camera do you use?
A Canon in desperate need of a better zoom lens.

How did your blog name come along?
Funny story. I had just bought my first pair of Prada shoes and someone stopped me and asked me where I got them from. I was like “Pra-duh” and the rest was history. Corny huh?

Which high street shops do you recommend for people who can’t spend so much but still want to be stylish?
Zara and H&M never disappoint me with their budget-friendly fashion-forward pieces. Topshop/Topman too, even though it’s been a while since I found anything striking over at their court…

Do you have any siblings?
Yes two brothers. I’m the middle child. Wooo…

If yes, are they into fashion like you are?
Like I am, definitely not. But I’m sure my younger brother will be when he inherits everything I own…

Do your family members approve of your blog?
Yes they’re all hardcore fans.

I noticed your blog font has changed over the past few weeks, I really like the current one! Keep it?
Yes I had some ongoing issues with the font. It looked good for a few days then I’d wake up and be like “No” and change it. I have a good feeling about the current one though, thanks!

Do you like Lady Gaga’s style?
This is the type of question I was fearing. I guess that’s your answer?

Who are your other favourite bloggers, local and international?
Locally it’s my girls at Boffism and Rouge Reveries. Internationally…Style Bubble, Kate Loves Me and my guilty pleasure…Bryanboy.

Are you on Twitter?
Yes, it’s @danwearspraduh – devil*wearspraduh was a digit too long so I had to opt for option B.


No matter who you are, where you are and what your question is, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to email any time on daniel@devilwearspraduh and I’ll do my best to get back to you presto.


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