Who needs a Prince Charming when you can have a Prints Charming? Ha! I kid. The super warm weather yesterday morning begged me to take this little print gem I picked up from “Hey Birdie-pie!” at the last edition of Patches Market a while back. A tea break and a room filled with some of my favourite fashion personalities on the island later and the Platinum Institute workshoop was underway. In case you missed the blogger’s live tweeting, you can check Twitter accounts @danwearspraduh, @boffism, @minhidoris and @plus_platinum to get the recap of Alison Coates’ impeccable delivery. 2013 is looking good already!



Vintage shirt from “Hey Birdie-pie!”, custom-made trousers, sunglasses by Fendi, hat by Catarzi and shoes by H&M 


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