I don’t think I’ll ever reach the point when a looming Prada show doesn’t excite me and catapult me into absolute fangirl hysteria. Eyes wide open on the edge of my fashion sanity waiting for what Ms. Miuccia Prada has up her sleeve for next season is me putting it nicely, but not quite. Predicting what this woman will come up with each season is like aiming at the moon with a water gun…and you know how that story unfolds. Bananas, monkeys, golf, cars, racy flaming heels, brogue creepers – you name it, she mastered it. Miuccia is on a fashion dictating high and her fashion agenda for next season isn’t what you’d expect.

This time around it’s “Themeless to emphasize the fashion of it all,” exclaims Miuccia and boy did she nail it. From mid-century modernism to…no theme. Themeless and dressless, actually. Dressless?! A Prada show without a dress? 2012 is the end indeed. Old themes killed and Prada girls teleported into the future – a future where lack of colour and colour co-exist equally with their friends Bewjeweled and Psychedelic Prints. The girls looked otherworldly as they jolted down with their orange eyebrows and eyes starched in black. Strongly relating to the men’s collection for Fall, both showings were delivered on a luxurious carpet (the men’s red while the women’s was purple with a bold black and white geometric pattern).

Also like the men’s was the immaculate tailoring, and more. More heavily embellished chunky beads of glamour-kind of more. Prada jewels appeared on…well…let’s just say everything. Tailored coats, trouser suits, along the hemlines, on platformed footwear and on coat-dresses(?). Is that even a word coat-dresses? Beats me. Prada’s new shape for next season is a sleeveless coat with its highly appealing extra long silhouette. And it flourished with versatility – embellished, black, silky, printed worn over tailored trousers and everything Prada-sartorial.

When the colour of choice wasn’t black, it was printastic. Classic Prada sour colours were enhanced with orange and purple hues (matching the omni-present carpet underneath) for a mosaic 60s effect of sorts. And if that wasn’t enough Prada humour to satisfy your hungry fashionista, boxy glossy bags and platformed lace-ups were thrown into the mix once more making the whole feel of the show less serious and bringing the extraterrestrial girls back down to earth.

Among the sartorial-full show was also reality – a reality that diminishes fantasy in exchange for wearability. Even though extremely graphic at times, the new ‘grounded’ Prada excels in accessibility in response to today’s times. I see it as a kind of black wearability going up against the cult graphic Prada quirkiness. But worry not – both contenders come with huge geometrically-placed jewels to match.


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