Okay so you probably already heard me confess (or rant) I live for Nicolas Ghesquière and the new Balenciaga either on Facebook, Twitter or at some Sliema cafe, so this little sci-fi blog post will come as no surprise. What sprang up (literally) as a surprise was the location of the Autumn/Winter Balenciaga show – high up on the 27th floor of a skyscraper set in the middle of the Beaugrenelle business district. The tower holding the Balenciaga future was built in the emerging economy of the 70s through the 90s soaring high above fellow Paris Fashion Week competition suggesting what the VIP attendees were in for.

This time Balenciaga means business. No really, business! Balenciaga Inc.’s fashion corporate ladder is one where everyone is trying to stand out with complex shapes and exaggerated proportions rather than fit in. The bosses and their second-in-command managers sporting futuristic dresses and boxy-shoulder jackets. The interns and office rebels wearing sweaters with enlarged arms saying ‘JOIN THE WEIRD TRIP’ or ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’. With businesswear like that, who wouldn’t want to work in an office in Paris?

Employees at any level of the Balenciaga Inc. corporate ladder will be happy to know that the new Balenciaga heel is lower, much lower than previous Balenciaga footwear. Visibly heavy earrings, patchwork gloves and shoulder bags are a must, but the employees ain’t complaining. What’s reduced from the lower half is switched up on the upper half – volume is grand yet weightless and what’s seen as round is actually dead-on sharp. A feast for the eye on all fashion forefronts – texture, shape and colour.

Once again, Nicolas re-affirms his place at the top when it comes to innovation with the experimental roll he’s on. Silhouettes and proportions that were once ‘tacky’ Balenciaga transformed into ‘current’. The result is an army of fierce high tech corporate assassins from the year 3050. Who knows which orbit Balenciaga will shoot to next season?


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