It is no secret that vintage wear is on the rise in Malta. With the times we are in – people shelter to the years past wearing treasured pieces from those times to forget the harsh reality of the present, even if for a moment. So when I heard two of the best lady entrepreneurs on the island when it comes to vintage wear were coming together to showcase their new menswear collections, it was a no brainer that I had to be there. The lovely Samantha of Blush & Panic greeted me at the entrance and showed me the way downstairs to the ‘Man About Town’ menswear pop-up shop.

Upon stepping downstairs, you could feel the heartwarming rustic ambience that goes perfectly well with the pieces hanging on the rails and props scattered throughout the basement. Lara of “Hey Birdie-pie!” introduced herself and gave me a very well-spoken run-through of what was available. While flicking through the new stock, the trademark style of Blush & Panic was obvious – unique, bold and on trend. The pieces from the ‘Early Bird’ menswear range are just as authentic.

Samantha and Lara were kind enough to let me choose my favourite pieces from their new menswear collections and hang them in colourful groups like shown below. The statement shirts are my number one faves – give me some bold prints and I am sold. They can be both very dressy or worn down to a casual sloucy look. Other favourites include the knitwear and blazer combos.

And if the clothes weren’t enough to draw you to this pop-up shop…it gets even better. There’s a great selection of tea and sweet treats to make the vintage shopping even sweeter. Almond and pecan biscuits, brownies, red velvet cupcakes and cream sponge…really, need I say more?

This pop-up shop left me thinking that the vintage clientele in Malta is in good hands – both Samantha and Lara are extremely knowledged about the aesthetic they love and sell – they are unargueably and evidently very passionate about their business and I expect bigger things from them in the future. Remember their names – they are ones to watch!

Man About Town – Blush & Panic Boutique, Melita Street, Valletta
Friday 13th April – 10am to 6pm, Saturday 14th – 10am to 4.30pm
Facebook – Blush & Panic, “Hey Birdie-pie!”, Man About Town


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