Me and my friend were walking around Zara the other day and I was surprised how fast we went through the entire women’s floor. Gliding would be a better word. And it wasn’t just me cos I’m always at Zara, my friend too was flicking through rails like she owned the place. It got me thinking… What was this speedy browsing all about? The whole been there done that feeling or something else? Then it hit me – it’s Nutella friggin’ Syndrome.

When you see or wear something over and over again and then pah… You just can’t deal with the sight of it any longer. I call it Nutella Syndrome cos it’s kinda like eating Nutella. You stick that spoon (or finger if your name is Daniel Azzopardi) into that jar and eat, eat, eat until your body gives up and puts up a stop sign. And this could be anything even the tiniest thing you recently re-discovered and refuse to take off until it starts making your (fashion) stomach turn.

I’ve been going through a big plaid phase lately. But then again who hasn’t? I think it’s N.S. that’s gonna stick. I’m also sensing a little bit of culotte shorts thing creeping up. Can’t wait for my ass to look THIS BIG + FRONT WEDGIE. Overalls maybe? Or dare I say it… BIRKENSTOCKS?

So my Nutella Syndrome is out of the bag. What’s yours? Let’s talk people it’s the weekend.


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