Hello guys! This is where I come in and make you think you need stuff you most likely do not. Cos we all say it “I have more than enough bags!” Well yeah. But can we ever really have enough bags? I bet you’re grinning right now. A LOT of people asked me to blog about affordable bags for Summer ’13 so I made my way across ASOS with my girl friends to analyze what’s hot and what’s not so cute. The loves: Clashing prints, white and quirky florals. Not ordinary florals but quirky florals. The hates: Everything and I mean everything with studs or tribal-y. You’ve been around forever guys it’s time to hit the trend bin. Also worth noting is that no totes or holdall bags made the list mainly because this Summer is about all ease and moving forward. Let’s get this bag show on the road. Also, let me know if you’d like more posts like this!


Left: Florals for Spring/(Summer)?! Groundbreaking. Well yeah but this is pretty nifty! Wear it with a white-based outfit for that extra edge. Zip Top Clutch Bag With Floral Embellishment, €46.39. Right: Print clash is super big this season and the rings add some hardware texture. Add to bag. Duh. Clutch Bag With Print Clash And Metal Rings, €37.11.


Left: Probably my favourite cross body bag on ASOS. Python and white? Double the no brainer for Summer. Across Body Bag With Snake Front Pocket, €33.14. Right: Again florals. More along the lines of the hit Prada Spring/Summer ’13 show this time. Leather Across Body Bag With Flower Embellishment, €59.65.


Left: Polka dots and metallic. An unlikely combination but oh so fun! My tip is to wear it with a leather skirt or shorts. So wrong it’s right, right? Clutch Bag With Metallic Spot, €33.14. Right: All-white with a difference. Weaved leather! You can literally pair this with ANYTHING. Hello effortless staple. Leather Contrast Weave Clutch Bag, €46.39.


Left: Black quilted goodness! The girls love it. I love it. That’s all folks. Barrel Bag With Quilting, €39.77. Right: The girls love it. I really don’t get it. I mean yeah I love fringe but whoa! This is FRINGE! Ha! I’ll let this one pass for the girls’ sake. Leather Fringe Hobo Bag, €63.62.


And last but not least. I know I know what you’re thinking…but these aren’t bags! But I couldn’t pass it up. Super reminiscent of the mono checks at Louis Vuitton this year. And who says no to that? They’re even under €10! Travel Card Holder In Mono Check here and here, €7.95.


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