Wearing: Vintage Levi’s jacket (similar here and here), Saint Laurent sunglasses, Cheap Monday jeans, American Apparel tee and thrifted crossbody bag
I was getting ready to go out on a sunny weekday and I realized it took me less than 5 minutes for the dressing ritual: choosing, arm-in-sleeve, leg-in-pant and all. It got me thinking… How did I become this person and who or what was to blame for it? On any day last year it would take me at least 30 minutes and that’s without shoes. Now it seems I’m just clinging onto familiar more comfortable pieces (Comfort?! I never used that word in my life) and just letting the in-your-face fashion take a backseat. Then it hit me – it’s Normcore.

The fashion world has now identified a term that describes the desire to be ‘blank’ using inoffensive, acceptably bland gear. This comes from the tiring work with trying to look different, making everyone now run for the trusty staples that last but have something unique and personal about them. I kinda get it too. Over-the-top and planned outfits can be exhausting… I would know I’m a fashion blogger. Coolness through difference is a big part of fashion blogging, but right now I’d rather opt for sameness. I think of it as having style and soul without really having to shout about it. Make sense?

So what are the keys to achieving Normcore star status? Denim jackets are your savior. Any denim really. Plain slouchy tees and pants. Checked shirts. Sneakers or other flat shoes like my ALDO ones. That’s the recipe for the Special Normal and the Perfect Boring. However, with that Normcore business explained it is still important to dream a little and play with fantasy every once in a while with fashion. And you guys know me… My style can do a back somersault in a jiffy. Normcore staples below? You’re welcome.



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