“Dan… Did you watch the video?” “Oh my God is there a video of me on the internet?” “No dumbass. I’m talking about Warrior, duh.”

Ah. It’s the 9th! And that’s the day Amber debuts her music video for her hit Warrior. So of course we at DWP, and that’s me and popcorn in case you’re wondering, are breaking it down and writing it up for your viewing pleasure. They said the song has been given an ‘extensive revamp’. Let’s press play.

0:03: There’s a hooded guy with drums.

0:07: Amber is looking to the left for that drama factor.

0:12: Oh no the fisheye lens is here. Lord have mercy.

0:22: Chiara’s signature hand twirl.

0:24: And bam! She wasn’t having the fisheye lens and broke… something?


0:42: She loves her statement rings doesn’t she? Anyone missing the Pippa Toledo ropes hanging around her neck? Not me.

0:56: More objects being broken.

1:10: The dress is nice. It’s giving me Dolce & Gabbana funeral in Sicily vibes.

1:12: Is Amber using Kim K.’s glam squad? That’s a compliment somehow.

1:48: Are we sure this is a revamp? Sounds more like diluted to me.

2:07: The pest is the pest.

2:46: That thumbnail shot though.

2:54: And she makes her exit without paying for all the things she destroyed.

So what do we think about well… this? I think trying to revamp an already really good song is a tricky thing that doesn’t go well very often. The song was fine, great actually! The look is on point (on fleek?) and that lipgloss be poppin’. Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

Good luck Amber! I’ll be watchin’. Now share your thoughts.