It’s no secret there is a big gaping hole in the menswear department here in Malta. Menswear showings are scarce and designers are even harder to come by. Luckily for me, one of the designers putting up a solo show at Runway Autumn/Winter 2012 was Brian Geradts, so I obviously had to snap up the opportunity and breathe in the fresh air of menswear.

Brian explained how his collection ‘You see the overall of what we are’ is inspired by volcano eruptions and the dark, dramatic, oppressive, threatening and energetic atmosphere that this occurrence entails. The more noticeable volcanic attribute came across in the digital print pattern Brian developed – which I loved.

Both the colours and materials further emphasized this attribute. Black and dark green shades evoked oppressive and threatening feelings, white and orange portrayed the fume and lava. Materials on constricted coats and structured jackets were dim, shiny and sleek and went from wool to silk to even velvet and velour. I especially liked the jacket with the fume print up front and what seemed like magma rocks on the sleeves.



You can check out more of Brian’s work here and watch the finale video below!



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