She was the first one called out during the one-on-one’s and at the judge’s corner, it felt like the bar was set high. And I’m not only talking about her height – Claire Ciantar won everyone over with her innate charisma. Combine that with her fashion versatility and you know she was a top contender. What I like the most about Claire is her ability to hit both sides of the spectrum – she can be an athletic-type model while also soaring high on the glamour side. And we all know adaptation is key. But while I’m super happy for Claire, the lingering feeling competitions like this one end up giving is bittersweet. Bittersweet because I’m saddened the other models might feel like they’re not good enough. Truth is you were a very solid group of ladies and each and everyone one of you fit in one modelling industry niche. Just look at the younger ones Amy, Elena and Daniela – you all have a long successful road ahead, so don’t give up! Thanks again everyone at Supernova and Malta Llejla and well done girls. Hope this isn’t the last time we meet!