I know I know…I have been MIA for a week (again…) and I have no real excuse this time. Just bear with me for the time being guys – I promise you frequent posts soon! Onto the important stuff now. This was originally gonna be a menswear fashion month recap but the more I looked at the shows, the more my mind coiled up to the idea of the ultimate Spring/Summer cliché: FLORALS, of course. The thing we love to hate and also the one that always finds its way into out wardrobes season after season. Good ol’ floral.

Most noteable (and my favourite) flowery appearances for the Spring/Summer ’14 season were at Topshop Design, Prada, Dries Van Noten and 3.1 Phillip Lim under the form of anything and everything: sweaters, embroidered shirts, bottoms, outerwear, silks, jacquards, head-to-toe, bags. Barring Topshop Design which opted for a lesser obvious use of floral, the other three went all out with their bold prints. Floralize below:







Personally I like my florals big and all-over if possible but I also understand why a lot of boys would opt to not look like Piscopo Gardens on crack. ‘It’s feminine,’ is the most common excuse and it always sparks a lil laugh from me. These are the same boys that wear pink or worse, short shorts. But seriously guys…are we still at the day and age to call something in fashion ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’? And of all things, one of the most iconic prints? Boys need to lighten up and let go of the fashion myths stuck inside their heads.

So what’s the verdict? Do we love it? Do we hate it? DOES IT MATTER? The truth is florals will always be a go-to fashion staple. So why not learn to plant some floral lovin’ in your fields of style? What do you think?


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