So we’re less than a month away from Christmas and you haven’t bought anything to wear for the festive season yet? Ha ha! Me too. Cue ‘We’re All In This Together’ in the background. No really. A holiday fiesta isn’t really festive without some form of sparkle right? In the words of the great Rihanna… Shine bright like a diamond. So here I am touching base on festive dresses, bags and shoes.

How do you combat all the glitter everyone else is wearing? By out-glittering them duh. Or if you’d rather not give your friends an epileptic fit… You can channel Saint Laurent in a wrap dress which is less sparkly but still super approps.

Clutch bags are a funny thing – they really aren’t that practical but they do bring an outfit together somehow. This golden lunchbox thing is cute.

While some people think that the higher the heel the closer to God, I say NO. The freakier the shoe the better. Why wear normal black pumps when you can wear embellished black pumps? Or change it up a bit with glittery mid-heels.

And in case you still aren’t glistening enough? Throw a sequined blazer on it and call it a day.

Well that’s that. Oh did I forget to mention most of the items I selected for you guys have a 25% discount offer till next week? You’re welcome. See ya at the checkout.

If you’re looking for something specific… You can always get 1-on-1 help at my Ask page.


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