I stand here flipping through an i-D magazine issue I got from Milan last year, a magazine I resorted to buying when I gave up on finding a notorious book among fashionistas, so I said “If I can’t find the book, a magazine with the author on the cover will have to do for now.” As I was about to pay, the loud Milanese man commented “Ma che bella questa! Nessuno puo fare il suo lavoro meglio di lei, di sicuro.” Which basically means no one will do her job better than she does, for the ones left at a lowhen it comes to Italian. I’m obviously referring to Carine Roitfeld – high priestess of black, sheer, leather, lace and everything Parisian.

10 prosperous years at Vogue Paris and an insurmountable amount of memorable magazines that wil go down in history under her belt and you’re left wondering…how does one of the most influential people in fashion bounce back after all she’s worked for comes crashing down? I’m pretty sure Carine is human and did what we all do – pick the pieces and move onto the next thing in the chicest way possible. She’s been dipping her fingers in a variety of projects since her parting ways with Vogue Paris and now she can add realness to her list of recent freelance endevours.

Carine’s latest project was guest-editing the Spring issue of VMAN magazine. But here’s the twist, she chose 10 ‘real guys’ over her fondness for top models. This unconventional groupie of men includes a drummer, a mechanic, a chef, an architect, a Broadway actor and even a firefighter was thrown into the mix to add some New York to it all. One of them even posed for photographer Karim Sadli holding his baby daughter in his arms. Awh.

Sadly, Carine didn’t use real women when it came to the pin-up calendar seen in the same issue and used Victoria’s Secret angels and other supermodels instead. I wonder what Roitfeld will do when she works her magic on a bunch of real male models. I, for one, can’t wait till she is back in the fashion scene in full force with the magazine she is working on. But in the meantime, these side projects will keep me a happy boy. If I happen to get my hands on her book ‘Irreverent’ I’ll be even happier. Cos who doesn’t want a bible full of Carine’s work on their coffee table?


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