So y’all know me and my Eurovision commentary antics. I always make it a point to be funny above everything else – no destructive mean comments! Nothing I say comes from a bad place and I hope my readers know that. Naturally, I woke up this morning thinking all I’d see is Federica but the words on everybody’s mouth, and Facebook, was Moira Delia?

Moira presented the 2014 Junior Eurovision and did an excellent job at that. Of course that wasn’t what the comments were about. They went something like this:

‘That jumpsuit isn’t flattering’

‘Why is her bra showing?’

‘It’s a kids show… Wear some colour!’

Now I already voiced my opinion on social media about Moira looking good in absolutely everything but let’s talk about this.

I was honestly so confused, and not cos I love Charles & Ron. All of Moira’s looks were from the local designers, a mix of their recent Pre-Fall 2015 collection and some custom-made pieces made especially for the night.

But social media is social media, and the beauty and ugly of it is that everyone can say whatever they want whenever they want. I wonder if the ones that had something bad to say thought about it before they clicked away. Of course it’s easy to see something, have an opinion and put it on the Internet. I do it all the time! But this was different – people were mean, very mean. About a local personality that was hosting the show in their own country.

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Others argued it was not appropriate for a kids show. This was after an 11-year old boy (I think he’s 11?) won wearing a tuxedo. People love the ‘norm’. They’d rather all the girls be wearing tulle skater skirts, and surprise surpise, half of them did! I personally really liked that girl wearing all white with sneakers and a tail. It looked and felt like her and most importantly that she was having fun. But here’s the million dollar question.

Did anyone take into consideration how Moira likes to dress when forming an opinion?

Moira Delia has impeccable style. She looks great each time I see her, and even though her overall look changes from time to time it always feels like ‘her’. I can’t see her wearing some of the Disney princess dresses some of the past hosts wore cos it’s not Moira. Unfortunately here in Malta we suffer from something I like to call ‘I don’t like it therefore it is bad’ syndrome, and no one has a care in the world for personal style that is different from one’s own.

I might not like ‘X’ but it doesn’t mean ‘X’ is bad. I might not wear pink, Aztec print, nauticals or browns in general but I don’t think they’re bad, or that they can’t look good on someone else. I think this is a big part in what hinders our country from moving forward when it comes to fashion. So I hope people start thinking about these things before hitting enter and putting it out there. And for what it’s worth Moira… I think you looked incredible!

What do you think? Let’s talk!

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  1. F Micallef
    16th November 2014 / 5:37 pm

    Personally I think that both Moira and our incredible Federica did us proud…. real proud!
    Regarding the comments concerning Moira’s outfit, I fully agree with you that Moira looks incredible in almost anything…. she is stunning and not only physically, as she is an incredible lady inside out.
    However, I don’t know if it was due to the lights, due to tv etc…. even I noticed the last outfit she wore didn’t seem a good fit……. But should this be such a sensational thing as to erase all the pluses there were yesterday? In my opinion, this is a tiny detail that doesn’t make a difference to me whatsoever! We should be proud that Malta hosted such a show and did a brilliant brilliant job of it….

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