And we’re back! How are you all doing? Are you 4 waist sizes bigger than you were in November like I am? Yes? No? Still gotta check cos you’re still stuck in bed? Today’s topic is January must-haves – the things to keep an eye (and arm if you’re at Zara) out for during sales. More on SALES SALES SALES next time though. 2014 is gonna be the year of understated fashion – less is more but with bolder details. Let’s jump right to it…

First up is an oldie but goodie – flannel. Or plaid. Or tartan. Or that thing from your nannu’s closet. Call it whatever you want. But get it. And wear it. Then throw a trench over it to make people wonder whether you’re a writer, fashionista, hobo or just a plain cool person. Nab them!



Chelsea boots. Think the grunge collection (err masterpiece…) from Saint Laurent or Alexander Wang. Hopefully minus the price tag and with girlier elements on top. Check out some affordable ones from the scroller below and order a pair. Something tells me you’re gonna need them with this weather…


And the ultimate symbol of not taking yourself too seriously – fedora hats. I had fallen off the bandwagon last year but I feel another wave of fedora goodness approaching. The best brand for said hats is without a doubt Florence-based Catarzi! Luckily for us they’re available on ASOS and I found the sexiest ones for you guys to indulge on below.


Other honorable mentions include silk scarves, aviator sunglasses, beanies (and loads of them), ripped boyfriend jeans, chunky cableknit jumpers, cut out boots (but you knew that already…) and Acqua Di Parma perfume. What are you loving this January?


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