One thing is for sure – Marc Jacobs knows how to scoop up the Paris Fashion Week final day with a steamy collection. The show made Parisians and people everywhere fall in love with Louis Vuitton all over again – so what better way to fill the void fashion month’s end leaves than an exhibition so luxurious you’ll feel expensive just by looking at it? The Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs exhibition at the Les Arts Décoratifs wing of the Louvre makes my void tingle with happiness.

The exhibition is a presentation of two iconic characters – Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, highlighting their contributions to the world of fashion throughout their long and successful careers. It pays tribute to the fashion house’s eponymous designer, who started out his career as a trunk-maker in 1854, all the way to the work of designer Marc Jacobs who took over the luxury label Louis Vuitton in 1997, 15 years ago. 15 years is basically the equivalent of 150 years in fashion time, so there’s no denying these men are in a league of their own.


Running from 9th March to the 16th September 2012, this exhibition shows how the luxury brand survived and adapted to the era it was in fully taking advantage of the environment growing bigger and bolder each year. The exhibition space, curated by Pamela Golbin and designed by Gainsbury and Bennett, is spread over two floors, a floor dedicated to each of the designers. Oh and Marc Jacobs wore a pink dress to the exhibition opening…I’ll leave it to you guys to google that one out.


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