Here I am jumping on the bandwagon of bloggers writing about an H&M collaboration. Bloggers writing about H&M? Groundbreaking. Joking aside, H&M announced their next collaboration with Marni back in November right after their highly-successful one with Versace hit the stores. From one Italian label to another – will it be just as powerful? The answer is no and I’ll explain through a series of true conversations.

Daniel: “H&M are collaborating with Marni.” Person A: “What’s Marni? Is that a brand?”

Daniel: “Marni X H&M! Yay!” Person B: “Huh?”

Now persons A and B have two things in common. 1) They all shop within the high street and 2) they have absolutely no clue who or what Marni is. Marni is an Italian luxury brand / family-owned business headed by Consuelo Castiglioni – the woman that went from being known for her contribution to the design of fur to an do all-out ready-to-wear, handbags and everything in between. Off-beat prints, colour blocking with a palette of blue and yellow, and playing with texture and volume are a few key Marni signatures. Now that the introductions are done we can hop to the good stuff – the whole collaboration lookbook.

The collaboration showcases the luxury of Marni at a very affordable high street level. The use of prints, cuts and silhouette on the womens side is exceptional – with the all-over prints and the shoes being my faves. For the boys, it’s very minimal done in true Marni fashion with some Marni colour thrown in there and very subtle use of print. It gets better…nothing costs over €100 with the highest priced piece being a coat. Well, unless you hunt for the pieces of Ebay afterwards and we all know how that ball rolls…cough Versace cough.

The underdog among H&M collaborations, Marni X H&M hits selected stores on the 8th of March. Now if only they opened a store or ship to Malta…that would save me an upcoming Ebay stress battle…


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