When I started this blog I promised I would give as much attention to the local art scene as possible. That’s an easy task when Malta has its own arts and crafts market – Patches. Patches gathers local artists to showcase their creations – anything ranging from ceramics to soaps to clothing to food, and everything in between. Local artisans aren’t given the attention they truly deserve is what I was thinking when I was en route to Valletta’s City Theatre on a sunny Sunday morning. Judging by the sheer amount of hipsters present outside the venue casually talking about their Instagram uploads, maybe things are changing for the better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Light however, is exactly what I wished there was more of at the venue itself.

The first proper stop was at the ladies’ vintage corner where Samantha (Blush & Panic), Lara (“Hey Birdie-pie!”) and Holly (Paradise & Lunch) had their vintage gems strategically placed around their stand space. Following the menswear collection from a few days ago, the girls didn’t hold back with the ladies’ vintage stock either – look at that Zandra Rhodes magical tweed. I couldn’t stop fangirling over the rails of clothes they had set up – enough quirky wearable dresses and divine silky blouses to make me wish I was born a girl just to get to wear such beauties.

Holly was a much welcomed discovery. Just as passionate about vintage apparel and jewellery as the two ladies on her side, Holly explained the idea behind Paradise & Lunch – she picks a venue, draws up a menu of food goodness and sets up a selection of vintage items for people to browse and purchase. Food and vintage shopping? Count me in – what is there not to love? I ended up adopting the crocodile wallet shown above. The texture was so appealing I just couldn’t resist.

And what’s Patches without a little sweet tooth OD? Not stopping at the super cute stall of Swirlz wasn’t an option. Too friendly for words, Audrienne showed me all the sugar and spice and halfway through the conversation she realized who I was and spilled that she loves my blog. That was my queue to choose a cupcake and I opted for the chocolate one, which is quite boring when you consider the wide array of flavours available. One word: YUM! And just like that…I was a fan.

Upcoming edition of Patches Market is on the 8th July at Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta
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