Do you ever ask yourself “Why didn’t I meet this person before?” I sure did when I met Maria Muscat at Patches Market last Sunday – the brains and magic fingers behindĀ Babettopolis. What Maria does with clothing, hats, furniture and other odd objects is truly fascinating. I have been a fan of her work online for a while now but seeing the fruits of her labour up close and touching them is a whole other story. I mean just look at those hats, especially the yellow one. Majorella! What other people might consider unwearable is usually what I have the most fun with. Something tells me I’ll be seeing that hat soon. But the work at Babettopolis doesn’t stop at hats – Maria works, re-works and alters just about anything. So if there’s something from the past you want to tune back to the present with style, this is the woman to go to.