After the ten minute dance preview, we were escorted to another hall to see and feel the show garments with our own hands. I knew Luke Azzopardi’s costumes were impressive to start with but I was quick to learn that they are even more so when seen up close. The details and the quality is top notch and I kinda wished I was a dancer so I could wear the ones with religious imagery ha! Half the garments were Eastern-inspired: kimonos and Snow White’s white flowy number hued in reds and whites. The other half, and most probably the more visually pleasing, was the religious side, gothic balancing the purity on the other side. Printed from actual religious paintings, these pieces were a uninimous hit across the hall – epecially the Prince’s garment, ‘the wedding dress’ and the Queen’s corset (more on that later). Another thing worth mentioning is that the embroidery was done by the fab Sarah Micallef (The Secret Rose). Scroll down for a printgasm.



But what made me really happy at the end of the day, other than the amazing craftsmanship, was the confirmation of the young home-grown design talent we have here. Luke Azzopardi impressed everyone present with his work and more great work is on the way, namely couture. One to put on the radar.


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