Okay I’m being dramatic. You don’t ‘need’ anything except for good health, love and chili cheddar fries from Mojo’s in Gozo. But should you also want say… The cherry on top of the vanilla sundae that makes you feel full anyway, but heck, everyone loves a cherry! Then look no further than the Word document below which I wrote in bed yesterday after I coincidentally ate a, yup you guessed it, vanilla sundae with a cherry on top. So yeah. Five things I’m crazy about this Summer (for girls) and am therefore projecting onto you cos we’re one big happy family. Right? Right.

1. Spaghetti Straps. Time for your shoulders to go solo and see the sun girls! It’s the Summer for understated tops – think sleek, BE sleek. These things go from day to night quite seamlessly too. Throw on a blazer over the shoulders, a choker necklace and a flashier shoe and… TA-DAH! You’re the hottest bitch at the beach party.

2. Mum’s Denim. And you know what goes best with spaghetti-strapped camis? Your mum’s denim shorts, duh. Never have those once-thought unflattering denim shorts been more appealing. Choose your wash and surfboardT across the hot season.

3. Bold Silk Scarf. You know what they say… Accessories are where personal style is at. And by they I mean Anna Dello Russo. Silk scarves are a quick fix to basic outfits, but don’t think triangles! Find new ways to tie them around. Tie a knot in front, bow it, whatever makes you YOU.

4. Ultimate Sunglasses. So you have your trusty Raybans and aviators? Good for you. But it’s time to take it one step further. Think big, think wide, add some ornaments while you’re at it. Don’t take yourself too seriously, Summer is the time for smiles.

5. Funky Flats. And finally… SHOES. Comfort is key this Summer girls, so push the crazy heels aside. Contrary to popular belief, flats are something you can have a lot of fun with. So don’t hold back. Go crazy. Embellishment, prints, hardware – big F.U. to normcore and looking basic.

Your turn. What do you want this Summer?


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