Queue epic fabulousity. With less than a month for Anna Dello Russo X H&M to hit stores, you know it was time for Anna to stir some hype up with…wait for it…A MUSIC VIDEO. A 10-part fashion lesson that is highly quotable (maybe minus number 7! No one has a luxurious clothing array like you Anna! ha!) meets over-the-top accessories, all golden and turquoise. She was called the ‘Lady Gaga of Fashion’ a while ago for good reason, and now she’s out to prove it! I’ll be chanting “Fashion is a declaration of your freedom” and “Nothing sexy like excess” for a few weeks before I grab some ADR X H&M pieces up in Italy next month. What did you set your eyes on? I’m all for those sunglasses and statement neck pieces. Can’t wait!


Anna Dello Russo X H&M goes on sale worldwide in selected stores and online on October 4th


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